Seat selection for photographers

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"You can immediately apply for multiple events"

Photographer / Press

Multiple categories for seat selection

The Media Channel has different time slots for selecting a seats. Photography are able to select a seat based on their category, which in turn can be based on a variety of factors such as: host country, user comes from one of the playing countries, user is member of ‘top’ media organisation, etc. Per event and per match the time slots of the categories can be configured. The time slot in which a particular user is able to reserve a seat is also communicated to the user after their ticket application is granted.

Apply for tickets and choose a seat

The seat selection shows a map of all the available seats. If a seat is taken or disabled the seat is shown with the color red. If a seat is free, a single click will immediately reserve the seat for the user. The map of seats is visible to all other users. If a user wants to change seats he can click another available seat.

Administration of seat selection

Disable a seat Disable section
Reserve a seat Remove user from seat
Choose an entrance View list

My Tickets

The Media Channel has a page in the main menu called My Tickets with all the ticket information. Users can see the pending ticket applications and see the selected seats of the matches.

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"The registration and accreditation works flawless. The users are self in control and we won't be losing a lot of time helping users with the registration."

Gertjan Tijms, AFC Media Officer