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One of the highlights of our platform are…

User Administration

The core of our platform is the registration and accreditation of press (users). With an extensive registration form that can hold different types of information like name, organisation and country. For visual inspection and verification new users can upload a profile picture, media card and an identification card like a passport . All the information is safely stored. In the administration part of the channel admins can verify and check applicants.

Mail notifications

The media channel triggers automatically e-mail actions. If users are accepted or rejected for the media channel they will receive a e-mail with a clear call-to-action. With a template sports organizations can use their brand colors and get their users up-to-date about seat selection of a ticket or accreditation of an event.  Always with clear buttons in the e-mail so that they can go easy back in the Media Channel.

Connect your system with our API

We provide access of the registrations and accreditations through an API. This way you can connect your internal system and link it to the Media Channel. No manual export is necessary to sync data. We are providing manual export on most data like registration, accreditations, users and media tickets.

Asian Football Confederation

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"The registration and accreditation works flawless. The users are self in control and we won't be losing a lot of time helping users with the registration."

Gertjan Tijms, AFC Media Officer

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