Let media officers give feedback.

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Media reports for media officers

Filling out reports about the organization events is a common task hosts ask journalists to do. In those reports everything from arrival, match day and particular details are being reviewed. Media Officers can invite selected users and they will have access to the Media Reports of an event.

"Selected users will be able to give feedback about the activities using a standardized feedback form."

Media organisation

Features of reporting

Appoint media officers Use standardized checklists
Change checklists per event Export answers (XLS / PDF)


The media officers can change a lot of settings per event. For example an administrator can change the reply email address per event for mail notifications. Other settings include additional credentials needed for accreditation and settings like startdate, enddate of the event and the accreditation period before an event. Every event can have a group of external media officers. They can fill in Media Reports.

Asian Football Confederation

Media Channel activity in 30 days


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"The registration and accreditation works flawless. The users are self in control and we won't be losing a lot of time helping users with the registration."

Gertjan Tijms, AFC Media Officer