Provide easy access to football events

Give photographers and journalists fast and easy access to events

ATG 2016 Tournament Thijs Wijnmaalen photographer

Easy as 1,2,3..

Easy registration for everyone

The registration process is simple and works on every device. Official documents can be uploaded and are safely stored.

It just takes 5 minutes

Fast accreditation

The accreditation of events is combined in the registration process and with one click you apply for accreditation.

Get up to speed

Rich information

Besides practical press related information like accommodation, the latest news and media files like photos and audio files are available.

Choose a seat

Get tickets for matches

Photographers and journalist can apply for match tickets. And photographers can choose a particular seat around the field.

Give feedback

Media reporting

Delegated users will be able to give feedback about the activities based on a standardized feedback form.

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