Fundamentals of a Media Channel

A Media Channel is a specific medium that is used to reach an intended audience. Newspapers, radio stations are all media channel that are acting in a public space. For sport organisations Media Channel are used for the press. With different user roles like journalists, photographers, press and non-press rightholders.

Provide the right services for the users

One of the reasons most media channels are private or based on authentication is the level of information and interaction. With the rise of internet and the many possibilities of online services more and more sport organisations want to give users the tools they need to do your job. For example getting the best seats for the final match or the right time and date of the press activities of the Japanese football team.

"If a sports organisation can provide easy access and facilitate the users they will also benefit indirectly by fulfilling the wishes and demands of the users."

Control, Check, Facilitate

In the complete process of developing the Media Channel for the Asian Football Confederation we did first an exploration of all the steps users have to take and which checkpoints AFC wants to have to guide the user actions in the right ways. The registration and accreditation both a 2-step process. First you will have to register with a profile picture and media card. An AFC Media Officer can then decide to grant this user access. After this step they will be able to login and apply for accreditation.

Every event is based on accreditation, so there will be constantly checks if a users needs access to a particular event. The Media Officer can see the history of a user, important for verification and background checks.

Media Organizations

That are using the Media Channel of the AFC