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Registrations flow

Registration is one of the biggest challenges for sports events in general, and thus also for basketball. Our registration process is easy and works! The registration page has a option to upload a media card, profile picture and important documents. The two-step registration process gives the media organisations time to process the applications and grant or reject the users. After granting the application the user can log in and apply for accreditation.

Verify users with the right credentials

Verifying users is an important feature, as a media organisation you only want the right user get access to the information. The mandatory fields and using a unique e-mailaddress is one of the steps to ensure users are using the right account for the media channel. The media channel officers are able to verify pending registrations. On the registration page new registrants will be able to apply immediately for events and some events require strict identification. Also the fields role and organisation can be made mandatory.

“Media Officers now have the right tools to ensure only people who should have access, get access”

Media Officer Asian Football Confederation

Features of registration

Make fields mandatory Apply for events
Upload of profile picture E-mail address have to be unique
Upload of identification Select roles
Upload of Media Card (AIPS Card) Select organizations
Face recognition


The admin part of the media channel gives media officers tools to fast view pending registrations and approve them so that applicants can login and apply for accreditation. For the media officers this process is very important. In a short period all the applications has to be processed. The dashboard provides quick insights in pending users and applications.

Asian Football Confederation

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"The registration and accreditation works flawless. The users are self in control and we won't be losing a lot of time helping users with the registration."

Gertjan Tijms, AFC Media Officer