Easy accreditation for basketball sports events

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A Media Channel for every event

Basketball events are happening on multiple times of the years. Our media channel can host different types of events, requiring accreditation before granting access to the event. Media officers will receive the accreditations and can decide if the particular user complies with the accreditation rules or history. All important documents are safely stored, and there is a user history present. Media officers can easy backtrace the steps of a user.

"Viewing the history of a user can give you confidence about granting or decline the accreditation application"

Media Officer


The media channel has a couple of default roles for registration. While registering users are able to select a role. This role is not the same role as the one selected in the accreditation. Per accreditation user can apply with a different role for a event.

  • Journalist
  • Freelancer
  • Media Manager
  • Photographer
  • Radio Journalist
  • Television & Radio
  • Video Cameraman

Event settings of accreditation

The organising media company can adjust the settings of a event. Does the event needs identification? Or what are the event start and end dates. Also the accreditation of a event has a start- and enddate. In the admin section of the media channel users can be exported in different formats.

Mail notifications

The users will receive mail notifications when their registration or accreditation is changed from pending to granted or rejected. This way users won’t have to login every time to check on their status.

Asian Football Confederation

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"The registration and accreditation works flawless. The users are self in control and we won't be losing a lot of time helping users with the registration."

Gertjan Tijms, AFC Media Officer