About us

Delivering high-quality solutions.

A product of Konstruktiv

Mediachannel.co is a product of Konstruktiv. With many years of experience in the internet industry, Konstruktiv is able to deliver high-quality solutions for both large and smaller clients. We develop every application using the latest industry standards. Applications will be delivered in bi-weekly sprints, in order to get every feature as early as possible.

Our story

As a client of the marketing firm TBWA asked Konstruktiv to develop the Media Channel. In 4 months time we build the application from scratch. Now more then 650 users are using the Media Channel to see information about Championships, take a look at the calendar and media files of matches.


Our mediachannel is based on couple of pillars; user-friendly registration, easy management and security. We are flexible and are able to develop in short development cycles. Please e-mail us at sander@konstruktiv.nl to get your conversation and media channel ambitions started


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9712 LK Groningen
The Netherlands

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